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Series Production



We saw the need for a seamless transition for consumers between prototyping and volume production. There was a gap in the market for quick, customisable and cost effective optics; so we filled that gap. We want to support the customer during their whole product lifecycle, from, for example, prototyping their design, supplying 10 optics and later on supplying 10,000 more.


Addoptics Benefits of Series Production

If you are looking to develop from prototyping to series production, or even ready to jump straight into series production; we welcome you to reach out and discuss the possibilities. Why us? Well here are just some of the benefits of working with Addoptics:


  • Our 3D printing technology gives us the capability to produce in a short period of time for competitive prices.
  • Our ability to seamlessly scale your design from the prototype stage, to a series production level.
  • You have full design freedom, and we are able to work with complex designs to get you exactly what you need.

We have always valued our fast lead times, cost-effectiveness, and ability to create complex, custom optics. However, there was something missing. We decided to work towards being able to offer series production to our customers, and now we are already serving customers with higher quantities to meet their needs! We are able to mass-produce custom-designed optics with our 3D printing technologies, for whatever your needs may be.

Do you have a custom optic design you need prototyped or volume produced? Need it quick and cost effective? Whether it is a smaller amount for prototyping or thousands of optics, get in touch with us, we are always up for the challenge.

Addoptics at CES 2023

Addoptics attended the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2023 and launched their new custom Micro Optics line.  CES 2023 also showcased the newest developments within technology and helped Addoptics gain insight into industries where their capabilities are greatly...

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AddNano Optics Launch

Addoptics Debuts Nano Lenses Fully Customizable Down to the Nanometer at CES 2023 FreeForm Nano Optics enables incredibly fast prototypes and production of complex lenses for all optical imaging, especially the AR/VR market  LAS VEGAS and ROTTERDAM, Zuid-Holland –...

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Endoscopic Applications

What are endoscopic technologies? An endoscope is a minimally invasive medical technology device used for preventative, diagnostic, and surgery practices throughout the body: from identifying joint damage to lung examinations. These technologies were developed in the...

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