Our replication services have changed the game for complex, polymer optics. Accurately replicating custom optics is one of our unique capabilities, ensuring that each optic is identical, no matter the quantity. We are able to produce even the most freeform designs. Take a look at our services to see how we can help you to the best of our ability.

Using both 3D printing and casting technologies allows us to replicate your digital designs, or even physical designs if a digital design is not available. Our engineers are able to quickly iterate during the production process to prototype a master that will result in the ideal optic for the customer.

 Afterwards, they are able to seamlessly scale the production of replicas. Our trusted quality engineers will carefully inspect each optic, and can make adjustments accordingly at any point during the process to ensure that each optic is identical to the original.

What does this mean for Addoptics and our clients?

The complexity of your order doesn’t matter when it comes to replication – nor will you sacrifice on quality. All for a fraction of the waiting time compared to traditional production!



Big or Small; We Can Do It All!

  We talk a lot about our process and capabilities, but what better way to show what Addoptics is capable of than with our sample lenses. Our process can manufacture lenses from 3mm all the way to 150mm; which can contain micro elements down to 0,1mm.  ...

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Addoptics: Who Are We?

We are Addoptics, a Rotterdam based optical component manufacturing company specialising in complex optical design production. Our process is a first of its kind, and something we are very proud of.  But how did Addoptics start? Our co-founders Joris Biskop and Lucas...

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