Product designers and engineers are looking for rapid prototyping services in order to speed up product development cycles. Addoptics offers smart manufacturing of optics as a service, so rapid prototyping for optics becomes a possibility. With our service you can have your optical prototypes quickly and affordably.

There are many ways an optic prototype can be manufactured. In the end it depends on the engineer’s requirements to determine which material and process is best suited for their optical products.

The benefits of rapid prototyping

There are numerous advantages to rapid prototyping.

  • Explore and realize concepts more quickly. Efficiency in time and cost savings allow teams to move beyond visualization of a product, making it easier to have a tangible product to test the product properties and optimize the design.
  • Iterative design approach. With rapid prototyping you can incorporate repeated changes that allow for optimal evaluation and testing of the product. This will help refine the final end product.
  • Thoroughly test and optimize. With rapid prototyping you are able to detect and repair product flaws with a small volume run, this will save costs when moving to large scale production.
  • Create novel designs. With rapid prototyping you can go from idea to working prototype in a short timeframe. This helps to communicate concepts more effectively and gives stakeholders a tangible product.

No tooling required. With most rapid prototyping services there is no tooling required. The same equipment is used to produce various prototypes. This helps to keep costs at a minimum.

Addoptics Benefits

If you want to stay ahead of your competition rapid prototyping is essential. Prototyping decreases the time it takes to develop optical prototypes and gets the final product to market faster.

With our unique service you are able to order the right amount of optical prototypes for your project. There are no high upfront investments or MOQs. There is no tooling or inventory required. As such costs are kept at a minimum. Prototyping optics with Addoptics enables you to have your custom polymer optics within days, instead of weeks.

Advantages of our rapid prototyping service:

  • Iterative process
  • Cost-effective testing and production
  • Thoroughly test optical designs
  • Seamlessly scale to series production
  • Shipment in days instead of weeks

If you want to check out our optics for yourself feel free to request a sample, reach out to us below.

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