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Custom Optics

Custom Polymer Optics Made Easy

Scale prototyping and production with affordable, industrial-quality optics

Why Addoptics?


Lightning Fast Prototyping

A physical prototype of your optical design within 6 days, no matter how complex it’s geometry. Take a look at all the benefits of fast prototyping.


High Precision Series Production



What are our abilities and how can Addoptics help your needs. From manufacturing capabilities, coatings and more of what we have to offer.

Micro to Macro

Macro to Micro 

From larger pancake lenses, to smaller micro lenses; find our about our range of product sizes and our ability to create micro elements as small as 0,1mm.

Micro to Macro


Our processes allow us to be able to replicate even the most complex of designs. Our engineers quality check each lens to make sure it fits your needs. 

“Because our process consists of hybrid digital and traditional manufacturing, we are able to produce high quality optics, no matter how complex, very fast. This was almost unheard of within the optics market and I think that its really cool that Addoptics has achieved this technological feat” – Joris Biskop, CEO of Addoptics

Traditional Manufacturing vs. Digital Manufacturing

Traditional Manufacturing: What is it? The traditional way of manufacturing optics is known as injection moulding. This is a process that uses a special machine which three parts: the injection unit, the mould and the clamp. Molten plastic is injected into an aspheric...

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Main Advantages of Working With Us

We’re not saying you have to work with us, but if you have complex optical components you need quickly; it’s probably best you do. We value our company and offers and our goal is to make you, the client, happy with your custom design brought to life. Whether its 1...

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Custom Optics: From Prototyping to Series Production

Addoptics Manufacturing - Then and Now We have always valued our fast lead times, cost-effectiveness, and ability to create complex, custom optics. However, there was something missing. We decided to work towards being able to offer series production to our customers,...

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