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Custom optics manufacturing: where to buy freeform and custom optics?

by | Aug 5, 2021 | Optics manufacturing & prototyping

When you are working on innovative products you will encounter the need for custom optics. These might be hard-to-manufacture freeforms or other custom optics. You have a couple of options. You could either modify stock optics, pay a heavy price for a custom mold for your custom optics, or you could come to us.

In this article, we explain why Addoptics is your best partner for custom optics manufacturing.


Custom optics manufacturing with Addoptics

We enable you to scale prototyping and production with affordable, industrial-quality optics. A physical prototype of your optics design can be delivered to you within 6 working days. No matter how complex its geometry. Our custom optics manufacturing method is also very competitively priced. We offer multiples at a significant discount. This makes optics prototyping for your next project affordable.

Once you have tested your initial prototypes, we can create another batch of custom optics. We can repeat this process until your optics design is completely to your liking. Once that is the case, we can seamlessly scale up to series production. This is done using the same manufacturing method, so there will be no sudden surprises or hurdles along the way.

With our unique manufacturing method, you can have your custom optics within only a matter of days. Besides, it will only cost a fraction of conventional manufacturing methods. There is only a minimized investment in tooling.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the other advantages that our technology offers.


Full design freedom

Manufacturing optics with complex geometry is cost-effective and time-consuming. However, with our technology, we offer full design freedom. We can ship your optics to you within 6 working days, no matter the complexity of the optic. You do no longer have to work within a set of strict boundaries. Suddenly you can incorporate freeforms in your next project. Complex shapes and freeform surfaces can be manufactured in a short amount of time, requiring only a minimal investment in tooling.

Short lead times

With our technology, you can have your physical prototypes within a matter of days. By offering affordable optical prototyping we can help you with rapid prototyping of your product. The conventional methods of optics manufacturing are costly and time-consuming. It might take a couple of weeks before you receive your physical prototypes. With Addoptics you do not have to wait so long. If you are having trouble catching up with your competitors, or have missed a deadline before, give our custom optics manufacturing method a try. This will help you launch your products faster and decrease time to market.

Minimized investment in tooling

Not only are we fast. We can offer optical prototypes and final products for a competitive price as well. Affordable optical prototypes will change the way you work. As rapid prototyping and iteration become more affordable and faster, you can easily outpace your competition. Improving the final product while reducing the time to market? Yes, with Addoptics it is possible.

Our technology is even suited for prototyping various optics that all vary slightly from each other. This enables you to test a variety of slightly different optics, testing them and then iterating on the design that is best for your project.


We can help with…

There are a couple of really beneficial uses of the Addoptics’ technology. We will take a closer look at some of the times you might want to use our manufacturing method.

Low volume manufacturing

If you are looking for small series production we are here to help. Due to our competitive pricing, we can offer affordable small series of optics, without huge upfront investments in tooling. This will make low volume manufacturing of custom optics a viable option.

Custom optics for prototyping

If you are in the stage of optical prototyping, we can help you. Our technology is faster and cheaper for optical prototyping than conventional methods. We can help you have your physical prototypes within only a couple of days, for a fraction of the price it would have cost otherwise. It is no longer necessary to rely on modified stock optics. With our custom manufacturing method, you can utilize full design freedom.

Prototyping to series production

Once the prototyping stage is completed you want to move on to series production. Would this involve switching to another technology? Fortunately, no. We can help you with small series production utilizing the same Addoptics’ technology. This helps to create a streamlined process from prototyping to series production. All done with the same manufacturing method. As such, no time is wasted on any last-minute changes that could have been required when working with conventional methods. We can produce your optics, no matter how complex it’s geometry.

If you are looking for freeform and custom optics, we are here to help. Please check out our up-to-date datasheet for our most up-to-date capabilities and material properties.


Benefits of working with Addoptics

As mentioned in this article working with us has some great advantages. If you are looking to speed up your production process, or you are looking for a more affordable way to prototype your optics, then we welcome you to reach out to us and discuss the possibilities. As mentioned before, these are some of the benefits of working with Addoptics:

  • Saving time and money
  • Last-minute changes to your optics design are possible
  • Full design freedom
  • Cost-effective prototyping and testing
  • Shipment in days, instead of weeks

Want to discover the possibilities for your company? Reach out to us to discuss the details of your project.