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by | Jan 17, 2023 | Events, News Snippet

Addoptics Debuts Nano Lenses Fully Customizable Down to the Nanometer at CES 2023

FreeForm Nano Optics enables incredibly fast prototypes and production of complex lenses for all optical imaging, especially the AR/VR market 

LAS VEGAS and ROTTERDAM, Zuid-Holland – January 5th, 2023  – Addoptics, an industrial-quality optics company, today announced the official launch event for their beta of NanoOptics – ​​high-tech, customizable lens shapes that can be prototyped and manufactured rapidly for any business utilizing complex microlenses. Unveiled today at CES 2023, the ultra-lightweight lenses are precise down to the nanometer level and provide meticulous optical clarity, produced with ultra-clear materials that hold up against temperature changes, UV impacts and scratching. 

Addoptics solves the bottleneck issue that faces many development teams when it comes to product lead times. Addoptics allows for incredibly fast prototyping in as few as six days, versus the industry standard of six to 16 weeks. The ability to customize highly complex shapes with total accuracy means businesses can iterate their designs quickly and see results in a matter of days, enabling them to quickly move to the manufacturing stage. 

“We are proud to announce the beta launch of AddNano Optics, bringing fast, precision prototypes to development teams and a manufacturing scalability that never sacrifices quality, ” said Addoptics CEO Joris Biskop. “As imaging optic applications continue to rapidly grow, especially the AR/VR market, Addoptics offers companies the most efficient process to test their ideas without losing momentum.”

The usage of polymer instead of glass means lighter lenses, with higher durability, and the 3D printing and traditional technologies of Addoptics means a perfect replication of all digital and physical designs. The process is also a scalable process, whether it’s small or big batches, which enables a seamless transition from prototyping a lens design to full-scale production. 

Addoptics is open to speaking to investors and potential customers, especially those specializing in AR/VR. Please contact [email protected] to schedule a media interview during CES 2023. Access the Addoptics press kit here.

About Addoptics

Addoptics manufactures high-precision optical components, with capabilities for fast-prototyping seamlessly scaled to series production. Their process uses a combination of 3D printing and replication technologies with the ability to deliver prototype optics within six working days. They work with large high-tech companies to aid in the development of industries such as AR/VR, robotics, drones, and consumer electronics.

Founded in 2018 and based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Addoptics is a privately held company. 

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