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Addoptics delivers the versatility of 3D printing without compromising on quality, Micron accurate and nanometer smooth

Optical materials

Our #1 Material: A true optical polymer, with high transparency, heat-restistance and UV-resistance. The way all (prototype) polymer optics should be.

Our optics, with an aluminium coating serve reflectors and mirrors, with a high specular reflectance.

Manufacturing possibilities


Lightning Fast Prototyping

A physical prototype of your optical design within 6 days, no matter how complex it’s geometry. Take a look at all the benefits of fast prototyping.


High Precision Series Production

For more information about our capabilities, download our data sheet here

Endless capabilities


Save time during assembly

Include mechanical components directly into the optical body. Varying from alignment features, spacers, or mounting holes. 


Refract? Reflect!

Sometime reflectors are the superior solution. We can manufacture reflectors with a high specular reflection rate.



Add the special touch

Our optics allow for easy coating of a wide range of coatings enhancing it’s function. Such as AR coatings, and anti-scratch

What is refractive index?

The refractive index (also known as the index of refraction) is defined as the quotient of the speed of light as it passes through two media. It is...

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