Data Sheet

Addoptics’ unique process combines 3D Printing and Casting Technologies to create high quality, freeform optics with no post-processing. Our polymer can be custom made into very complex shapes, to fit a wide array of applications. Our Data Sheet details our material’s facts and figures and the capabilities of our optics. 


Micro to Macro Optics

Addoptics: Who Are We?

We are Addoptics, a Rotterdam based optical component manufacturing company specialising in complex optical design production. Our process is a first of its kind, and something we are very proud of.  But how did Addoptics start? Our co-founders Joris Biskop and Lucas...

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Traditional Manufacturing vs. Digital Manufacturing

Traditional Manufacturing: What is it? The traditional way of manufacturing optics is known as injection moulding. This is a process that uses a special machine which three parts: the injection unit, the mould and the clamp. Molten plastic is injected into an aspheric...

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