AddNano Optics

A new possibility of Micro Optics

As of January 5th, 2023, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we have launched our biggest product yet: AddNano Optics. Thanks to developments to our production process, we are now able to create custom, freeform optics at sub micron domains for various applications. These ultra-lightweight lenses offer exceptional precision, with accuracy at the nanometer level. They are made with ultra-clear materials that are resistant to temperature fluctuations, UV exposure, and scratching, and they deliver exceptional optical clarity.

To learn more about our AddNano Launch, check out our press release.

“We are proud to announce the beta launch of AddNano Optics, bringing fast, precision prototypes to development teams and a manufacturing scalability that never sacrifices quality,”

Joris Biskop, CEO of Addoptics